2017 Events

Hong Kong Day at Massachusetts State House
 When:  July 11, 2017                                          Where:  Massachusetts State House - Boston, MA

Article and images courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong:

"Hong Kong Day took place at the Statehouse on July 11. More than 100 elected officials, trade delegates and community members attended the event celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China.

“Hong Kong continues to be successful as the premier international business center in Asia and our economy has nearly doubled in size over the past two decades,” said Clement Leung, Hong Kong Commissioner to the United States. “Hong Kong is still that shining beacon of free trade, open markets, the rule of law.”

Leung has visited 28 states and looked forward to visiting 22 more states. He said, “We enjoy a strong financial relationship with the U.S., which is our second largest trading partner. And Hong Kong, in return, is the ninth largest export market for American goods.”

State Rep. Tackey Chan and Rep. Donald Wong celebrated the third Hong Kong Day at the Statehouse, joined by the Asian American Caucus. Chan said, “It’s a great day to recognize the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China and the fact that Hong Kong continues to prosper. … It’s important to remind us that we live in a global community and we’re not alone.”

Chan’s family emigrated from Hong Kong and settled in Quincy, where Chan was born.

Wong, who is chairman of the Asian American Caucus, said, “Hong Kong is where we have been doing trade and tourism for a long time.”

Johnny Ip, president of the Hong Kong Association of Massachusetts, wished guests good health and wealth.

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office of New York director Steve Barclay announced his retirement and plans to settle in Hong Kong.

Food for the luncheon was provided by Kowloon, owned by Wong and his family.


Article and images courtesy of:

Wong, L. (2017, July 12). Massachusetts celebrates Hong Kong Day. Retrieved from http://sampan.org/2017/07/massachusetts-celebrates-hong-kong-day/

2017 Chinese New Year Gala & Community Enrichment Forum

When:  February 11, 2017                                    Where: Boston Marriot Burlington - Burlington, MA

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